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Systems debug
Systems debug

System Bring-up, Debug, Evaluation and Certification

iscover Wyrefree's comprehensive range of in-house lab systems, crafted to swiftly identify and resolve any system issues. Our unique in-house capability extends to developing, designing, and testing under various environmental operating conditions using our state-of-the-art on-site environmental chamber system. Additionally, Wyrefree offers an on-site RF lab dedicated to evaluating sensitive designs and facilitating on-site EMC prescreening and troubleshooting.

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EMC Certification & Evaluations

In-House Systems Lab

Board Bring up

Wyrefree’s advanced electronics lab includes everything you need to evaluate your mature design, prototypes, or new manufacturing product runs.  Our capabilities range from microelectronics solder rework, real time signal analysis (Digital and Analog), design accuracy and calibration verification, RF Debug & EMC testing, Environmental testing, I-V curve tracing characterization and much more.  Consider utilizing all of Wyrefree’s resources to ensure your project meets or exceeds your expectations.

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