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Manufacturing & Production
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Manufacturing Design or DFM (Design for Manufacturing)

Wyrefree leverages extensive expertise to transform successful prototype concepts into fully realized products through all stages of mass production manufacturing. We specialize in designing and constructing custom test equipment for your product line. In handling complex products with multiple subassemblies, Wyrefree meticulously designs and builds test equipment for each subassembly line, ensuring a high final assembly yield for the end product.

Our capabilities extend to collaborating with Far East suppliers to establish overseas manufacturing, making the transition to lower-cost offshore production seamless for your company. Wyrefree also provides mass production data analysis, yield monitoring, and process trend analysis, guaranteeing an optimal manufacturing line.

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Custom Test Equipment Design
(FATP, Vendor, and Subline)

Far East supplier development
Supplier setup & design transfer
Mass Production

Yield and trend analysis
Statistical data analysis

In instances requiring board and system bring up, Wyrefree brings a comprehensive set of skills to the table. During first-article board bring up, we address any debugging needs and adeptly elevate the product to meet functional and production standards.

Partner with Wyrefree for a seamless journey from prototype to mass production.

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